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Displays the Artifact metadata. Regardless of whether you select the item in Tree browsing mode or Simple browsing mode, one or more of the following tabs appear containing the metadata associated with the selected item.


General Tab




General Information including download statistics such as the total number of downloads, timestamp of last download and the last user who downloaded.


In certain cases (particularly when working with large artifacts), the Created timestamp might be later than the Last Modified timestamp. This can occur because the Last Modified timestamp records when the upload began, whereas the Created timestamp is set only when the upload is complete and committed to the database.

Dependency Declaration

For Maven artifacts, this section provides code snippets for common build tools' dependency declaration.

Virtual Repository Associations

Indicates which virtual repositories "contain" the selected artifact.


Displays SHA1, SHA-256 and MD5 checksums automatically.

Effective Permissions Tab

Displays the list of permissions in the context of users, groups or permission targets on the artifact level. For more information, see Permissions.Permissions

effective permissions artifacts.png

Properties Tab

Displays the list of properties annotating the selected item.

properties on the artifact level.png

Property Sets

You can define the collections of properties called 'Property Sets' in the user interface. In each property-set you can define properties and for each property specify whether the property is open, single-value or multi-value. For more information, see Property Sets.

Followers Tab

Displays the list of users following this item.

The Followers feature allows you to monitor selected artifacts, folders or repositories for storage events (create/delete/modify) and receive detailed email notifications on repository changes that are of interest to you.

You can add and remove Followers from the 'Followers' tab in the tree browser. Followers or folders intercept changes on all children. An admin or users with the "Manage" permission can view and manage followers via the 'Followers' tab in the tree browser.

Follow notifications are aggregated at around 1 minute intervals and sent in a single email message.

All notifications respect the read permissions of the watcher on the followed item(s).


Builds Tab

Displays the list of builds that either produce or use the selected item.

artifact builds summary page.png