Set up a Remote Symbol Server Repository

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You can proxy a remote Symbol Server through the JFrog Platform remote repositories. A Remote Repository defined in Artifactory serves as a caching proxy for a registry managed at a remote URL such as (which is the ).

Symbol files requested from a remote repository are cached on demand. You can remove downloaded Symbol files from the remote repository cache; however, you can not manually push Symbol packages to the remote NuGet repository.

To define a remote repository to proxy as a remote Symbol Server follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration module, select Repositories | Repositories | Remote.

  2. Click New Remote Repository and select NuGet from the Select Package Type dialog.

  3. In the Basic tab, set the Repository Key value, and specify the URL to the remote registry in the NuGet Symbol Server URL field. Note that the default is set to

    Configure a remote repo as a proxy.png