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Artifactory lets you attach, and search on properties in three domains: items, modules, and builds.

The general way to specify a criterion on a property is as follows:


Accessing the right properties

If you are specifying properties from the primary domain of your query, you may simply enter the property key and value as described above. If you are specifying properties from one of the other domains, you need to specify the full relational path to the property.

In the example below, the primary domain is the build domain, but we want to find builds based a property in the item domain, so we must specify the full path to the property:

builds.find({"module.artifact.item.@qa_approved" : {"$ne" : "true"}})

Here are some examples:

//Find items that have been approved by QA"
items.find({"@qa_approved" : {"$eq" : "true"}})
//Find builds that were run on a linux machine"
builds.find({"@os" : {"$match" : "linux*"}})

//Find items that were created in a build that was run on a linux machine.
items.find({"" : {"$match" : "linux*"}})

Short notation for properties criteria

AQL supports a short notation for search criteria on properties.

An "equals" ("$eq") criterion on a property may be specified as follows:

{"@<property_key>" : "<property_value>"}




Find items with associated properties named "license" with a value that equals "GPL"

Regular notation

items.find({"@artifactory.licenses" : {"$eq" : "GPL"}})

Short notation

items.find({"@artifactory.licenses" : "GPL"})