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A local Docker repository is where you can deploy and host your internal Docker images. It is, in effect, a Docker registry able to host collections of tagged Docker images which are your Docker Repositories. Once your images are hosted, you can exercise fine-grained access control, and share them across your organization through replication or by being proxied by repositories in other Artifactory instances.

To define a local Docker repository:

  1. From the Administration module, select Repositories | Repositories | Local.

  2. Click New Local Repository and select Docker from the Select Package Type dialog.

  3. Set the Repository Key, and in the Docker Settings section, select V2 as the Docker API version.

  4. Set Max Unique Tags. This specifies the maximum number of unique tags, per repository, that should be stored for a Docker image. Once the number of tags for an image exceeds this number, older tags will be removed. Leaving the field blank (default) means all tags will be stored.

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