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Whether uploading a package using the UI or Matrix Parameters, you can specify multiple layouts for any Debian package you upload, by including additional values for the distribution, component or architecture separated by a comma,

For example, to upload package libatk1.0_i386.deb to both wheezy and trusty distributions, in both main and contrib components and both i386 and 64bit-arm architectures you would specify the following Target Path to upload using the UI:

Target path for multiple layouts


Correspondingly, to upload the file using Matrix Parameters, you would use the following:

Multiple layouts using Matrix Parameters

PUT "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/debian-local/pool/libatk1.0_i386.deb;deb.distribution=wheezy;deb.distribution=trusty;deb.component=main;deb.component=contrib;deb.architecture=i386;deb.architecture=64bit-arm"