Configure a Local Repository

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The procedure for configuring a local repository includes a tab of mandatory, basic settings, and additional tabs of optional settings.

To configure a local repository:

  1. In the Administration module, go to Repositories | Repositories.

  2. Click Add Repositories and select Local Repository from the list.

  3. In the Select Package Type window, click the icon for the desired package type.


    The Basic tab for local repositories is displayed.

  4. In the Basic tab, enter the basic settings for the local repository. For details, see Basic Settings for Local Repositories.

  5. [optional] In the Advanced tab, enter the advanced settings for the local repository. For details, see Advanced Settings for Local Repositories.

  6. [optional] In the Replications tab, select the checkbox to enable event replication and then add the required replications. For more information, see Repository Replication.

  7. When you have finished configuring the repository, click Create Local Repository.