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Authentication using npm login was introduced in version 5.4.

Run the following command in your npm client. When prompted, provide your Artifactory login credentials:

npm login

Upon running this command, Artifactory creates an expirable access token which the client uses for authentication against Artifactory for subsequent and npm install npm publish actions.Generate Expirable Tokens


The npm access token expires within 30 days. To modify the token expiry period, use this Artifactory system property: artifactory.artifactory.tokens.expiration.timeSecs, which affects all tokens in Artifactory.Artifactory System Properties

If the token is removed from Artifactory, the client will have to log in again to receive a new token. If the token has expired, run npm login again.

npm-login Limitation

If an Admin creates an access token with a transient user, npm login will fail as the user is not registered in Artifactory.