Identify Whether a CocoaPods Repository Uses CDN

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Starting from version 7.8x.x, Artifactory supports using CocoaPods virtual for CDN supported repositories.

To identify whether a repository in your environment is CDN enabled or not:

  1. From the Application module, go to Artifactory > Artifacts

  2. Locate the repository you would like to check, and click the '>' symbol to expand its contents.

  3. Look for a folder named .pod/cdn/ and check if it contains any files. If the folder exists and has content in it, that means that it is indexed for CDN support.


    Regarding Remote Repositories

    CDN-using remote repositories might not contain this folder if you have not resolved any artifacts from them.

    To tell whether such a remote repository supports CDN, look for three or more levels of nested folders- if they exist within the remote repository, you can confidently assume that it is indexed for DCN support.