Use .netrc to Upload PyPI Packages

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Uploading PyPI packages to Artifactory using a .netrc file credentials is supported. For more information on the .netrc file , see The .netrc file and Purpose of the '.netrc' file.


Keyring is not supported in Artifactory.


The Twine client is not compatible with .netrc credentials.

To use the .netrc file:

  1. To create a .netrc file in your root directory and set it with the minimum required permissions (Chmod 600), if you do not have one already, run the following command:

    touch ~/.netrc
  2. Run the following command to populate the .netrc file with your Artifactory URL and credentials according to the .netrc file format:


    Make sure to replace the placeholders in bold with your own Artifactory URL, username, and password or identity token.

    echo "machine <ARTIFACTORY_URL> login <USERNAME> password <PASSWORD/TOKEN>" > ~/.netrc