System Properties for Full Sync File List Queries

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The following Artifactory system properties define how to execute file list queries for Full Sync operations on Federated repositories.

The property described in the table below defines how to perform file list queries.




When set to true (default), Artifactory uses a single AQL query to create the Full Sync file list.

When set to false, Artifactory uses one or more SQL queries to create the Full Sync file list.

The properties in the table below are relevant only when artifactory.federated.full.sync.use.aql is set to false.




If the number of artifacts for the file list is greater than this threshold, the file list is generated from multiple queries (paging).

If the number of artifacts is smaller than this threshold, the data for all artifacts is loaded using a single query.

The default value is 400000.

When using paging to generate the Full Sync file list, this property defines the page size, which means the number of rows read by each database query.

The default value is 100000 rows.


Defines the number of pages placed in a single, temporary file to allow efficient sorting of the data.

The default value is 4.