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This feature is supported with the Enterprise+ license.


This section describes how to distribute Release Bundles v2. For instructions about distributing Release Bundles v1, see Distribute Release Bundles (v1).Distribute Release Bundles (v1)

After creating your Release Bundle (and promoting it through the stages of your SDLC, as needed), you can distribute it to the distribution targets (for example, Distribution Edge nodes) to which you have distribution privileges.

Distribution can be performed using the JFrog Platform UI or the Distribute Release Bundle Version v2 REST API.Distribute Release Bundle Version v2

Distribution is responsible for triggering the replication process that happens from the source Artifactory to the Distribution Edges. First, it replicates the Release Bundle information to each Edge node and then initiates the replication process in the source Artifactory. For more details, see The Distribution Flow.The Distribution Flow


  • Propagate the signing key defined in Artifactory to the Edge nodes. See Propagate Signing Keys to Distribution Edges.

  • Use one of the following methods to connect Artifactory and the Edge nodes:

    • Using Scoped Tokens (Pairing Tokens): Connect the source Artifactory and the edge nodes using the JFrog Platform scoped tokens function. This is the default option used for connecting the source and node. (If you are unable to upgrade your self-hosted instance, or need to continue using the Circle of Trust, see the next method).Generate Scoped Tokens

    • Circle of Trust: Establish a circle of trust between your source Artifactory and Artifactory Edge nodes. This should be applied to both the source and target Artifactory nodes.Access Tokens