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Up till version 4.9.1, the Puppet client does not support context path for remote Puppet Forge repositories. Therefore, we recommend using Artifactory with Puppet 4.9.2 and above.

If you need to use Puppet 4.9.1 and below you can use a workaround that uses NGINX or Apache to rewrite all requests from /v3/* to /artifactory/api/puppet/<repo-name>/v3/*.

For example, if you have a repository called puppet-virtual, and you are using Puppet 3.0, you would configure your proxy server to rewrite /v3/* to /artifactory/api/puppet/puppet-virtual/v3/*.

The following sections show sample configurations for NGINX and Apache for both the ports method and the sub-domain method to use a virtual repository named puppet-virtual.

Once you have your reverse proxy configured, you can install modules from Artifactory using the following commands:

Ports Method

puppet module install --module_repository http://localhost:8001 puppetlabs-apache

Subdomain Method

puppet module install --module_repository http://puppet-virtual.artifactory-cluster puppetlabs-apache