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The following example demonstrates provisioning a different resource based on the current user group and a property on the requested artifact.

In this example, the artifact vcsProj.conf.xml has a property vcs.rootUrl which holds the root URL for the version control system. Depending on the user group a different project version control URL is returned.

For the template of vcsProj.conf.xml.

<#list properties.get("vcs.rootUrl") as vcsUrl>
    <#list security.getCurrentUserGroupNames() as groupName>
    <vcs>${vcsUrl}/<#if groupName == "dev-product1">product1<#elseif groupName == "dev-product2">product2<#else>global</#if></vcs>

If, for example, the value of the vcs.rootUrl property on the vcsProj.conf.xml artifact is and the file is downloaded by a developer belonging to the dev-product2 group, then the returned content is:

    <vcs> </vcs>