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Setup prerequisites for Federated repositories include:

Artifactory Versions Must be Identical (prior to 7.49.6)

When using a version of Artifactory older than 7.49.6, you must verify that the same Artifactory version is installed in all the Artifactory instances hosting the members to be included in the Federation.

After all instances have been upgraded to Artifactory release 7.49.6, Artifactory includes multi-version support, which enables the members of a Federation to run different versions of Artifactory, even if the version at one site includes configuration features and values that are not supported on the versions running at other sites. Thanks to multi-version support, future upgrades after 7.49.6 can be performed on one site at a time, eliminating the need for simultaneous upgrades across all locations.

For more information, see Multi-Version Support.

JFrog Platform Deployment (JPD) Clocks Must be Synchronized

If the federated repository artifacts are simultaneously updated on two (or more) member federated repositories, the update that is registered last will overwrite the other update(s). Therefore, to ensure consistent, predictable and trackable behavior of the system as a whole, the server clocks of all the machines running Federated members must be synchronized.

Configure Custom Base URL

Configure the Custom Base URL in the Administration module, under General | Settings. The Base URL supports detecting member JFrog Deployments (JPDs) in your organization.

Applies to Self-Hosted Deployment

The Custom Base URL is relevant to Self-Hosted deployments and not applicable in SaaS.

Changing the BaseURL in a Federated Repository Environment

In versions prior to Artifactory 7.55.1, you cannot modify the Base URL if you have Federated repositories set up with remote mirroring. Therefore, you will first need to remove the remote members from the Federation and click Save. This limitation no longer applies in versions 7.55.1 and above. For more information, see Change the Base URL in Federated Repositories.

After changing the base URL, proceed to set up the Federated repositories with the original Federated members. For all the remote members to be populated with new settings, it is recommended to wait for a short period of time between removing the remote members and changing the base URL.

Establish Trust Between the JPDs

You will need to establish trust between the JPDs in your Federated repository. The options for enabling trust depend on whether you have a Cloud or a Self-hosted deployment.

Cloud Customers

JFrog Enterprise/ Enterprise+ SaaS customers:

  • Set up a binding token to create bi-directional trust between the JPDs.Binding Tokens

Self-Hosted Customers

Choose from one of the following options:

  • Set up bindings between relevant JPDs: Using binding tokens enables admins to create trust between managed JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) once the JPDs have been added to the Mission Control instance, thus simplifying the setup across JPDs.Binding Tokens

  • Enable a Circle of Trust: This option is intended for customers who are interested in providing full access to the other JPDs, access which is granted automatically once the Circle of Trust is implemented.Access Tokens


Federated repositories that use binding tokens (i.e., no Circle of Trust) require an enabled Mission Control microservice in their Artifactory, since the token is created by Mission Control.