Configure Authenticated Access to Debian Servers

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If you need to access a secured Artifactory server that requires a username and password, you can specify these in your Debian source.list file by prefixing the artifactory host name with the required credentials as follows:

Accessing Artifactory with credentials

http://user:password@SERVER_HOSTNAME:8081/artifactory/{repoKey} {distribution} {components}
For example:
http://admin:password@localhost:8081/artifactory/debian-local wheezy main restricted

Encrypting your password

You can use your encrypted password as described in Using Your Secure Password.Centrally Secure Passwords

Compression Formats

Artifactory supports the following compression formats for Debian indices:

  • Gzip (.gz file extension) - created by default for every Debian repository and cannot be disabled.

  • Bzip2 (.bz2 file extension)

  • LZMA (.lzma extension)

  • XZ (.xz extension)