Deploy a Debian package using the UI

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To deploy a Debian package to Artifactory, in the Artifacts Repository Browser, click Deploy.

Select your Debian repository as the Target Repository, upload the file you want to deploy.

Check the Deploy as Debian Artifact checkbox and fill in the Distribution, Component and Architecture fields in the Debian Artifact section. Notice that the Target Path is automatically updated to reflect your input.


Setting the target path manually? Be careful with spaces

We recommend using the fields in the Debian Artifact section to set your Target Path. Nevertheless, if you choose to specify the Target Path manually, make sure you don't enter any superfluous spaces.

For example to upload package planckdb-08-2015.deb, and specify that its layout is from the trusty distribution, in the main component and the i386 architecture, you would enter:


You can also deploy Debian packages to Artifactory with an explicit URL using Matrix Parameters.


After you deploy the artifact, you need to wait about one minute for Artifactory to recalculate the repository index and display your upload in the Repository Browser.

Once you have deployed your Debian package, and Artifactory has recalculated the repository index, your repository should be organized as displayed below: