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Artifactory Requests Can Retrieve Remote Artifacts

An Artifactory instance may request artifacts from a virtual repository in another Artifactory instance. This checkbox specifies whether the virtual repository should search through remote repositories when trying to resolve an artifact requested by another Artifactory instance. For example, you can use this feature when Artifactory is deployed in a mesh (grid) architecture, and you do not want all remote instances of Artifactory to act as proxies for other Artifactory instances.

Advanced Settings for Maven, Gradle, Ivy, and SBT Repositories

In addition to the checkbox described above, these repository types offer the following Advanced settings:



Cleanup Repository References in POMs

Public POMs may include direct references to external repositories. If either of the below code samples are present in the POM, Maven dynamically adds an external repository URL to the build which circumvents Artifactory.


A client-side solution for this is to use mirrorOf. For details, please refer to Additional Maven Setting: Mirror Any Setup.

This setting gives you the ability to ensure Artifactory is the sole provider of artifacts in your system by automatically cleaning up the POM file. The three values available for this setting are:



Discard Active References

Removes repository elements that are declared directly under project or under a profile in the same POM that is activeByDefault.

Discard Any References

Removes all repository elements regardless of whether they are included in an active profile or not.


Does not remove any repository elements declared in the POM.

Key Pair

A named key-pair to use for automatically signing artifacts.

Please refer to WebStart and Jar Signing.