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To make it easy for you to configure Maven to work with Artifactory, Artifactory can automatically generate a settings.xmlfile which you can save under your Maven home directory.

The definitions in the generated settings.xml file override the default central and snapshot repositories of Maven.


The Automatically Generating Settings will only allow to you to configure Virtual Maven repositories. While this is a best practice and the recommended method, you may change any repository by manually editing the settings.xml file.

Once you have created your Maven repository, go to Application | Artifactory | Artifacts, select your Maven repository and click Set Me Up.

In the Set Me Up dialog, click Generate Maven Settings.

Maven Set Me Up D with Hilit Gen Mav Set.png

You can now specify the repositories you want to configure for Maven.

Maven Set Me Up second stage.png




The repository from which to resolve releases


The repository from which to resolve snapshots

Plugin Releases

The repository from which to resolve plugin releases

Plugin Snapshots

The repository from which to resolve plugin snapshots

Mirror Any

When set, you can select a repository that should mirror any other repository. For more details please refer to Additional Mirror Any Setup

Once you have configured the settings for Maven, click Generate Settings to generate and save the settings.xml file.