Work with CocoaPods in Artifactory Without Anonymous Access

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By default, Artifactory allows anonymous access to CocoaPods repositories. This is defined under Security | General Configuration. For details please refer to Allow Anonymous Access.Introduction to the General Security Settings

If you want to be able to trace how users interact with your repositories you need to uncheck the Allow Anonymous Access setting. This means that users will be required to enter their username and password.Introduction to the General Security Settings

Unfortunately, the pod command line tool does not support authentication against http endpoints. The cocoapods-art plugin solves this by forcing curl (which pod uses for all http requests) to use the .netrc file:

.netrc file example

login admin
password password

Since Artifactory also supports basic authentication using your API Key you could use that instead of your password:User Profile

.netrc file using your API key

login admin
password AKCp2TfQM58F8FTkXo8qSJ8NymwJivmagefBqoJeEBQLSHCZusEH6Z2dmhS1siSxZTHoPPyUW

Use an encrypted password

We recommend using an encrypted password instead of clear-text. For details, please refer to Centrally Secure Passwords.Centrally Secure Passwords