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Download Helm client version 2.9.0 or above for authenticated access

To use all features of Artifactory Helm chart repositories, including resolution of Helm charts, you must use version 2.9.0 or above of the Helm client that supports basic authenticated access to Artifactory.

Before you can use your Helm client to resolve Helm charts from Artifactory, you need to configure it for authenticated access with your Artifactory user and password by adding the virtual Helm chart repository to be used for resolution as shown below:

helm repo add <REPO_KEY> http://<ARTIFACTORY_HOST>:<ARTIFACTORY_PORT>/artifactory/<REPO_KEY> --username <USERNAME> --password <PASSWORD>
helm repo update

For example:

helm repo add helm-virtual --username admin --password password
helm repo update

Use an encrypted password

We recommend using an encrypted password instead of clear-text. For details, please refer to Centrally Secure Passwords.Centrally Secure Passwords