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The kanban board provides a visual representation of the versions that exist for the selected Release Bundle and their current location in your release lifecycle. Use the kanban board to promote Release Bundle versions between environments and to access the version timeline.Environments

To open the promotions kanban board:

  • Click the row for the relevant Release Bundle in the Release Lifecycle dashboard.


All Release Bundle versions appear in the New category after they are created. The card for each version contains the version number, the date on which the version was created/promoted, and an icon that indicates whether the creation/promotion operation was completed successfully.


As the Release Bundle version is promoted to other environments, its kanban card moves under the relevant category.

In the example shown above, cards for 4 versions of the Release Bundle named Commons-Bundle-A are displayed. As can be seen, each version is located in a different environment, each of which represents a distinct stage in the release lifecycle. In this example, version 5.0.0 has been promoted to the QA environment while version 3.0.0 has been promoted to PROD. A Release Bundle version can appear in only one category at a time.Environments


Custom environments and the order of their appearance are defined in the Environments window. For more information, see Create a Custom Global Environment and Create a Custom Project Environment.Create a Custom Global EnvironmentCreate a Custom Project Environment

Kanban Board Actions

You can perform the following actions from the kanban board: