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In order to allow the integration with the gem command line tool, you must add the relevant source URL to your RubyGems configuration.

  1. In the Application module | Artifactory | Artifacts Tree Browser, select your newly created repository and click Set Me Up.

  2. Copy the source URL from the RubyGems Sources section.

  3. Add this URL by modifying your ~/.gemrc file or using the gem source command as follows:

    All RubyGems repositories must be prefixed with api/gems in the path

    When using the RubyGems command line to access a repository through Artifactory, the repository URL must be prefixed with api/gems in the path.

    gem source -a http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/gems/rubygems/

Additional Gem Commands You Can Use

You can remove previous source entries by modifying your ~/.gemrc file manually or by running gem sources -r

You can also run gem sources --list to know what your effective sources are and their order.

Overcoming Unauthorized Status Failures

Some gem/bundler commands may fail with an Unauthorized (401) status. In some cases these can be overcome by usingoneof the following options:

  • Enable the "Anonymous User" by checking Allow Anonymous Access in Security General Configuration as described in Managing Users.

  • Create a specialized Permission Target that allows anonymous access only to the remote repository.Permissions

  • Use a source URL with embedded credentials, such as: gem sources -a http://user:password@host /...