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From Artifactory version 7.55.1, administrators can see whether there are significant synchronization delays between the Federated repositories on the local JPD and other Federation members on remote JPDs. 

To view the Federation synchronization status, go to the Administration tab and select Monitoring > Federation Status.


The table contains the following information about each JPD:




The URL of the JPD.

Binaries to Fetch

The total number of binaries that this JPD needs to fetch from Federated repositories on remote JPDs.

Fetch Failures

The number of fetch actions that have failed after a predefined number of retries.

Sync Status

Indicates whether a Federation repository on the JPD has exceeded the synchronization delay threshold with at least one other Federation member. 

For example, when a new artifact is deployed to the JPD, the JPD must send the metadata about this event to the other Federation members. If there is a delay in this process that exceeds a defined period of time, the Sync Status becomes Delayed.

There are two possible sync statuses for the JPD - Federated and Delayed. The default threshold value is 50% of the value defined by the system property

For example, if the system property for discarding log events is set to 3 days, the JPD sync status becomes Delayed if there is event metadata that has not been sent after a delay of 36 hours.

Most Delayed

Shows the length of the longest synchronization delay between a Federated repository in the JPD and another Federation member, including the name of the relevant repository.

Refresh the Federated Sync Status

In the Federated Sync Status window, click Refresh to update the information in the table.

View the List of Longest Delays in a JPD

In the Federated Sync Status table, click the row of a JPD to view a popup window containing a list of repositories (up to 10) with the longest delays.


The table contains the following information:




The Federated repository on the source JPD.


The Federated repository on the target JPD.


The length of the delay between the source to the target.