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Artifactory supports Chef Cookbook repositories on top of its existing support for advanced artifact management.

Artifactory support for Chef Cookbook provides:

  1. The ability to provision Cookbook packages from Artifactory to the Knife and Berkshelf command line tool from all repository types.

  2. Calculation of metadata for Cookbook packages hosted in Artifactory local repositories.

  3. Access to remote Cookbook repositories (in particular the Chef supermarket public repository) through Remote Repositories which provide proxy and caching functionality.

  4. The ability to access multiple Cookbook repositories from a single URL by aggregating them under a Virtual Repository. This overcomes the limitation of the Knife client which can only access a single repository at a time.

  5. Compatibility with the Knife command line tool to list, show and install Cookbooks. Compatibility with the Berkshelf command line to resolve Cookbook dependencies.

  6. The ability to assign access privileges according to projects or development teams.

Chef Repository

Chef uses the concept of a Chef repository, to represent storing their own data objects on a workstation. This is different from the use of "repository" in Artifactory.

Chef provides an official "supermarket" for cookbook packages, so Chef repositories in Artifactory are actually Chef supermarkets in Chef terminology. This page refers to Chef Cookbook repositories and Chef supermarkets interchangeably.

Integration Benefits

JFrog Artifactory and Chef Cookbook Repositories