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JFrog Artifactory serves as a single source of truth for build artifacts across your organization, and deploys and resolves artifacts by configuring your package manager and CI tools to work opposite Artifactory.

Using Artifactory to store and manage your artifacts provides the following benefits:

  • Universal support with over 30 integrated package types.

  • Complete metadata on every package allows for wide observability and traceability.

  • Control over the components your developers can access and leverage in your software development lifecycle.

  • Unlimited scalability with a variety of enterprise-scale storage capabilities.Filestore Configuration

  • Security enhancement through a native integration with JFrog Xray.JFrog Xray

For more benefits and information, see JFrog Artifactory.

Artifactory stores your first-party artifacts in local repositories, which are locally-managed repositories into which you can deploy your artifacts. After configuring a local repository, you can deploy and resolve your artifacts directly from the JFrog Platform UI or API.JFrog Platform New UI (Beta) Quick Start GuideArtifactory REST APIs