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Artifact Package Search is a search type that can be selected as part Searching Artifacts. For more information on searching artifacts, see Artifacts Search.

Package search enables you to run a search based on a specific packaging type. For each type, you can specify search parameters based on the relevant metadata for the selected package type. For example, Helm search is suitable for searching through Helm Chart repositories.

Under the hood

Package search is based on standard properties that Artifactory attaches to packages according to their type. For example, when searching for NuGet packages, Artifactory is actually matching the search terms to the values for the and nuget.version properties that should be attached to every NuGet package.


Package search does not currently work on remote repository caches for RubyGems, Debian, and PHP Composer repositories.

To run a package search:

The following table displays the parameters you may use for each package type:

  1. From the left of the search field at the top of the JDP window, select Artifacts.

  2. From the right of the search field, click Advanced Search advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg. Advanced Search options are displayed.

    search_artifacts_by_packages (1).png
  3. From the Type menu, select Package. Package options are displayed.

  4. Select the package type you want to base the search on. You have the following options:

Search Type

Search Parameters


Package name, Version, Repositories, Checksum


Package name, Version


Name, Version, Category, Platform


Package name, Version


Package name, Version


Package name, Version, User , Channel, OS, Architecture, Build Type, Compiler


Package Name, Version, Arch, Platform


Package Name, Version


File name (without the .deb extension), Distribution, Component, Architecture


Full Image Namespace, Image Tag, Image Digest


Package name, Version


Package Name, Version


Helm Chart Name, Helm Chart Version, App Version

Maven GAVC

Group ID, Artifact ID, Version, Classifier


Package name, Version, Scope


Package ID, Version


Package name, Version, Architecture, Priority, Maintainer


Package name, Version


Package name, Version, Architecture, Release


Box Name, Version, Provider

All these search fields support the ? and * wildcard characters.

Package search as an AQL query

For most package formats, package search is implemented as an AQL query. After searching, click the AQL Query button to view the AQL query used in the search. You may also click the Copy icon in the AQL code snippet to copy the query to your clipboard.

Limit search to specific repositories

When limiting search to specific repositories, you can select repositories with the corresponding package type. Package search depends on those repositories having the correct layout. Searching through repositories with the wrong layout will have unpredictable and unreliable results.

The example below shows the results of searching for any Docker image with latest in its name:

search type package latest (1).png