Distribute Release Bundles (v2) in an Air Gap Environment

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This feature is supported with the Enterprise+ license.


This section describes how to distribute Release Bundles v2 in an Air Gap environment. For instructions about distributing Release Bundles v1, see Distribute Release Bundles (v1) in an Air Gap Environment.Distribute Release Bundles (v1) in an Air Gap Environment

Release Bundle v2 distribution works differently in an Air Gap environment, which is an environment containing two or more JFrog Artifactory instances that have no network connection between them.

To perform distribution, you need to:

  • Export the Release Bundle v2 to an archive (.zip file).

  • Copy the archive to an external device (such as an external hard drive) and transfer it to the network where the destination Artifactory instance is located.

  • Import the archive directly into the destination Artifactory instance.

Exporting and importing Release Bundles v2 can be performed in the platform UI or by using a set of REST API commands. CLI support for Release Bundle v2 distribution is also available.


Before exporting the Release Bundle, you must propagate the key created in Artifactory (to create and promote the Release Bundle) to the Distribution Edges to which the Release Bundle will be distributed. This is done using an API, as described in Propagate Signing Keys to Distribution Edges.