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Requires JFrog Xray to be installed with a Pro X, Enterprise with Xray, or an Enterprise+ license.

Scanned Resources are packages, builds, Release Bundles or artifacts that have been scanned for vulnerabilities by Xray. They can be searched for when in the Xray Scans List. Searching for scanned results in the Security & Compliance search returns the scan result by resource type. The total number of scanned resources that contain an issue for the specific resource is displayed.

To search for scanned resources:

  1. In the JPD navigation panel, click Application application-button.jpg.

  2. Click Xray > Scans List. Scans list options are displayed.

  3. From the right of the search field, click Advanced Search advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg. Advanced Search for the Security & Compliance search are displayed.

  4. Configure Advanced Search options using any of the below parameters.




Search according to a specific issue name.

By License

Search for resources containing a specific license or unknown licences.

By Severities

Search for resources containing vulnerabilities according to severity level - High, Low, Medium, or Unknown.

Date Range

Limits search to the specified date range.

Results are displayed by resource type. Click on each tab to view the full list and click on the resource to view the issue in the dedicated resource page.