Limitations of Tag Retention Logic

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  • Multi-architecture retention logic is not backward compatible: the new relationship logic between list.manifests and sub-manifests will only apply to tags uploaded via the updated Docker/ OCI upload service. All previously stored tags and images will not be removed.

    To apply and maintain this relationship logic, Artifactory will mark items during the upload process so it can track the tags during the lifecycle. Older tags would have no markers, and therefore Artifactory would not be able to identify the relationship and remove items accordingly.

  • Removed tags go to the Trash Can and can be restored, but not all JFrog environments have the Trash Can enabled. Before setting tag retention logic, ensure that your Trash Can is enabled.

  • Max unique tags logic currently does not exclude the Latest tag. If for some reason you upload several unique tags that do not include Latest, your latest tag in artifactory will be removed by the FIFO logic just like any other tag.

  • The Max unique tags logic uses lazy invocation, meaning that it is triggered per package push command. Once you apply the limit, the removal of exceeding tags will only occur on the specific package you have pushed to Artifactory. Currently, the is no process that runs on all your packages.