Add a Push Replication Target

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To add a target site for this replication, click Add to display the Replication Properties dialog, and fill in the details as follows.

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Enable Active Replication of this Repository

When set, this replication will be enabled when saved


The URL of the target local repository on a remote Artifactory server. Use the formathttps://<artifactory_url>/artifactory/<repository_name>.


The HTTP authentication username.


Use either the HTTP authentication password or identity tokenUser Profile


A proxy configuration to use when communicating with the remote instance.

Socket Timeout

The network timeout in milliseconds to use for remote operations.

Sync Deleted Artifacts

When set, items that were deleted locally should also be deleted remotely (also applies to properties metadata).

Note that enabling this option, will delete artifacts on the target that do not exist in the source repository.

Sync Artifact Properties

When set, the task also synchronizes the properties of replicated artifacts.

Sync Artifact Statistics

When set, the task also synchronizes artifact download statistics. Set to avoid inadvertent cleanup at the target instance when setting up replication for disaster recovery.

Path Prefix (optional)

Only artifacts that located in path that matches the subpath within the repository will be replicated.