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To move or copy an artifact or folder, select it in the Tree Browser and then click Move Content or Copy Content from the Actions menu or from the right-click menu.

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Artifactory will display a list of repositories from which you need to select your Target Repository for the operation.

The list of target repositories will contain all the local repositories, or virtual repositories with a "Default Deployment Repository" configured with the same package type as the source repository, or configured as generic repositories. This mean, for example, you can only move an artifact from a Debian repository to a generic repository or to a local Debian repository.

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After selecting your Target Repository, you can specify a custom Target Path if you want your source artifacts moved to a different location the Target Repository.

Copy operations are executed using Unix conventions

Copy operations are executed using Unix conventions. For example, copying org/jfrog/1 from a source repository to org/jfrog/1 in a target repository will result in the contents of the source being copied to org/jfrog/1/1. To achieve the same path in the target repository, copy the source into one folder up in the hierarchy. In the above example, that would mean copying source org/jfrog/1 into target org/jfrog. If you leave the Target Path empty, the source will be copied into the target repository's root folder.

Custom target path suppresses cross-layout translation

If you are copying or moving your source artifacts to a repository with a different layout, specifying a Custom Target Path suppresses cross-layout translation. This means that your client may NOT be able to resolve the artifacts, even in cases of a same-layout operation.

Once you have selected your Target Repository (and Custom Target Path if needed), click Move or Copy to complete the operation.

All metadata is updated to reflect the operation once completed.

Simulate a Move or Copy

An operation may fail or generate warnings for several reasons. For example, the target repository may not accept all the items due to its own specific policies, or you may not have the required permissions to perform the operation.

Before actually doing an operation, we recommend that you check if it will succeed without errors or warnings by clicking Dry Run.

Artifactory will run a simulation and display any errors and warnings that would appear when doing the actual operation.

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Permissions required

To successfully complete a move, you need to have DELETE permission on your source repository, and DEPLOY permission on your target repository.