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Artifactory allows the download of a complete folder that is selected in the Tree Browser or Simple Browser .

This ability is configurable by an Artifactory administrator, and if allowed, when a folder is selected the Download function is available in the Actions menu.

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Archive Type

The Archive Type. Currently, zip, tar, tar.gz, and tgz are supported.

Include Checksum Files

Include SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 files - In Artifactory, checksum files (.sha1, .sha256 and .md5 files) are displayed and are downloadable in the HTML browsing endpoint (for example, http://<ARTIFACTORY>/artifactory/<REPOSITORY_KEY>), depending on one of the below pre-conditions:

1.The artifact was originally uploaded with its checksum value (i.e the deploying client provided a checksum header such as the "X-Checksum-Sha1" header on the request).

2.The repository Checksum Policy is set to "Trust Server Generated Checksums".

If the latter applies, there is no need to provide the artifact checksums during the upload in order for its checksum files to be visible.

The Download Folder functionality mimics this mechanism, and will write checksum files to the output archive based on the same conditions.

*With remote repository caches, there is no distinction for the checksum policy of the repository. Simply checking this checkbox will always result in checksum files being added.

You can also download a folder using the Rest API.JFrog REST APIs

Configure Folder Download

An Artifactory administrator can enable complete folder download in the Administration tab under Artifactory | General | Settings. This configuration will apply to all Artifactory users.

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Max Size

The maximum size (MB) of artifacts that can be downloaded in a folder download.

Max Number of Files

The maximum number of artifacts that may be downloaded from the selected folder and all its sub-folders.

Max Parallel Folder Downloads

The maximum number of concurrent folder downloads allowed.

Block Folder Download

When trying to download a folder, if any of the artifacts in that folder are blocked for download, then downloading the folder will fail with an HTTP FORBIDDEN (403) error.