Resolve Hugging Face Models From Private Repositories

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Starting from Artifactory version 7.77.x, Artifactory supports resolving models from private Hugging Face repositories.

To configure a remote repository to resolve models from a private repository:

  1. Go to Hugging Face Hub, click on your profile on the top right side of the screen, and click Settings

  2. Select Access Tokens from the sidebar menu

  3. Select the token you’d like to use and click the copy icon to copy the token

    1. (Optional) If you do not have a token, click New token, enter a name for the token and select the read role, and then click Generate a token

  4. Go to your remote repository settings in Artifactory, and enter the token you copied from Hugging face in the Password / Access Token field. There is no need to fill in the User Name field. You can now resolve models from your private repository to your Hugging Face remote repository.