Application Search

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The Application global Search provides a set of five dedicated searches for each of your resource types - packages, artifacts, builds, and Release Bundles, a dedicated Security and Compliance search for viewing scanned resource results, and a dedicated Pipelines search for finding your pipelines.

application search.png

The active Search view changes according to the resource page you are currently viewing and displays results for the repositories on which you have permissions to view. For example, the Packages Search is active when you are in the Packages page.

Product-Specific Requirements

The following search types require the following be installed with their associated licenses:

  • Release Bundles Search: Requires JFrog Distribution be installed with an Enterprise+ license.

  • Security & Compliance Search: Requires JFrog Xray be installed with a Pro X, Enterprise with Xray, or an Enterprise+ license.

Search Syntax

The Application Search supports the following syntax:

  • Supports a keyword-based search

  • Search terms are case-sensitive.

  • Supports * and ? wildcards to help you narrow down your search. For example, when searching for a package named angular, typing an*, angula? will return angular as a result.