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Use Quick Setup to easily create local, remote, and virtual repositories for your selected package types.

  1. Click your login name on the top right-hand corner and select Quick Repository Creation.

  2. Select one or more package types for which you want to create repositories.

  3. Enter a prefix that will be added to the name of each repository (maximum length is 20 characters).

  4. Click Create.


    You have completed creating your repositories, you can continue to configure your clients, and deploy artifacts, as described in Package Management.

One Package Type Per Repository

When creating a repository, you must select a specific package type; this is a fundamental characteristic of the repository that cannot be changed later. Once the repository type is set, the system will index artifacts and calculate the corresponding metadata for every package uploaded, which optimizes performance when resolving artifacts. Note that virtual repositories can only include repositories of the same type.

Uploading an Incorrect Package Type

While the system will not prevent you from uploading a package of the wrong type to a repository, we strongly recommend maintaining consistency between the repository type and the packages you upload. If you upload packages of the wrong type to a repository, Artifactory will not index the package or update the metadata for the repository.