Exclude Artifacts from a Release Bundle (v2)

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When creating a Release Bundle v2 from a single build or multiple builds, you can exclude selected artifacts from the build by defining a Release Bundle manifest for the relevant build.Release Bundle Manifest for Builds

To exclude artifacts from a Release Bundle (v2):

  1. Create the Release Bundle manifest JSON file. This is where you define include and exclude patterns for the artifacts inside the build. For examples, see Release Bundle Manifest for Builds.Release Bundle Manifest for Builds

  2. Upload the file to the repository of your choice in Artifactory.

  3. Add the Linux local environment variable, RBV2_MANIFEST, using the following path:

    export RBV2_MANIFEST="build-manifests-local/<manifest-name>.json"
  4. Use the following JFrog CLI commands to collect the build info:

    jfrog rt build-collect-env <build-name> <build-version>
    jfrog rt build-publish <build-name> <build-version>

    The RBV2_MANIFEST variable becomes a property of the build-info JSON.

  5. Unset the RBV2_MANIFEST variable:

    unset RBV2_MANIFEST
  6. Use the API (or UI) to create your Release Bundle v2 from the build. The Release Bundle will include or exclude the artifacts defined in the manifest:Create Release Bundle v2 Version

    POST /lifecycle/api/v2/release_bundle


You can set build parameters, as described in Source Type - Builds.Source Type - Builds