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With the Artifactory General Settings, you can configure various global parameters in Artifactory.

To configure the Artifactory General Settings:

  1. In the JPD navigation panel, click Application.

  2. In the Administration module, click the Artifactory tab on the left. The Artifactory Administration screen appears.

  3. In the General section of this screen, click Settings. The Artifactory General Settings screen appears.

  4. In the Artifactory General Settings screen, you can configure the following general settings:



    File Upload Max Size

    Maximum size allowed for files uploaded via the web interface.

    Number of items per browser page

    The maximum number of displayed items (artifacts and folders) per bulk, at the requested path level in a tree browser or native browser. If there are more items to display beyond the number you set here, a Load more option appears at the end of the list and when clicked displays another list of items according to this setting.

    Global Offline Mode

    When selected, Artifactory will behave as if it is not connected to an external network (such as the internet), and therefore, will not query remote repositories (regardless of the offline status of any specific remote repository).

    Archive Search Enabled

    When a new archive file is deployed to Artifactory, its content is indexed in a way that lets the user search within an archive.

    When selected, the files located within archive files are indexed to allow their content to be searchable through the “Archive Search” feature (formerly known as the “Class Search”).

    It is recommended to disable this feature, if you do not use this feature as it consumes a large amount of storage.


    From Artifactory 7.28.11, archive indexing for Cloud instances has been disabled in the system.yaml.

  5. When finished with configuration, click Save.