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This topic describes how to resolve Hugging Face models from within Artifactory.

To resolve a model from Artifactory, run the following command:


Resolving models from Artifactory might take a while due to the size of the models.


Make sure to replace the placeholder in bold with your own model name and revision number.

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
    repo_id="<MODEL_NAME>", revision="<MODEL_UUID>", etag_timeout=1500000000

For example:

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
    repo_id="nsi319/legalpegasus", revision="54ef2872d33bbff28eb09544bdecbf6699f5b0b8", etag_timeout=1500000000

To find the revision ID for a model on Hugging Face Hub:

  1. In the model page, go to the Files and versions tab.

  2. Click the History button on the top right-hand side. This page contains the commit history of the model, each with its own Git commit revision ID.

  3. Click the copy icon to copy the full commit hash to your clipboard.