Set Up a Helm OCI Repository

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You can create several types of Helm OCI Repositories using the JFrog Platform WebUI:

To set up a Helm OCI repository via REST API, use the Create Repository REST API and add the parameter "packageType" : "helmoci" to the Repository Configuration JSON file.Create RepositoryRepository Configuration JSON

Starting from Artifactory version 7.75.3, when creating a new Helm repository, a Helm OCI repository will be created by default that is compliant with OCI, and supports OCI REST APIs instead of Helm.

You can change this setting in two ways:

  • To use the legacy Helm implementation for one repository, click the Use Legacy Helm button on the repository creation menu.

  • To change the default behavior to Helm instead of Helm OCI, navigate to Administration > Artifactory > Packages > UI settings, and deselect the Helm repository UI : Show OCI Flow first checkbox.