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Helm Client Relative URL Support as Default (Helm Client V2 End of Life)

Starting May 1st, 2024, Artifactory Helm Repositories will now use Relative URLs in all index.yaml responses by default. Since this feature is only supported by Helm Clients V3 and above, customers using Helm clients V2 are required to upgrade.

From May 1st, 2024, Artifactory will use Helm client v3 by default, and remove the support for all Helm client versions under 3.0.0.

Artifactory offers fully-featured operation with Helm through support for local, remote, and virtual Helm chart repositories.

Artifactory's support for Helm charts includes:

  • Secure, private repositories for Helm charts with fine-grained access control according to projects or development teams.

  • Calculation of metadata for Helm charts hosted in Artifactory local repositories.

  • Access to remote Helm chart repositories through remote repositories which provide proxy and caching functionality.

  • Support for Helm OCI repositories, enabling you to use OCI to store and share Helm charts.

  • Enterprise features such as high availability, repository replication for multi-site development and different options for massively scalability storage.

  • Supports Helm 3 clients, enabling you to deploy and resolve Helm Charts using Helm V2 and V3 clients.