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YUM group properties can be set in the /etc/yum.config file as follows:


Allowed values



0 or 1

Determines YUM's behavior if two or more repositories offer package groups with the same name.

If set to 1 then the group packages of the last matching repository will be used.

If set to 0 then the groups from all matching repositories will be merged together as one large group.


0 or 1

Determines YUM's behavior when the groupremove command is run.

If set to 0 (default) then all packages in the group will be removed.

If set to 1 then only those packages in the group that aren't required by another package will be removed.


0 or 1

Determines whether YUM will allow the use of conditionals packages.

If set to 0 then conditionals are not allowed

If set to 1 (default) package conditionals are allowed.


optional, default, mandatory

Tells YUM which type of packages in groups will be installed when groupinstall is called. Default is: default, mandatory