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From Artifactory 7.41.3, Debian repositories include support for Debian Snapshots.A Debian Snapshot contains metadata of a fixed state of a local, remote or virtual Debian repository. Snapshots are immutable and contain a metadata folder for each specific distribution, including all metadata files, like RELEASES AND PACKAGES, and not the actual packages.

Snapshots can be used in the following scenarios:

  • As backups, allowing you to easily fall back to previous versions in case of package corruption due to dependency changes.

  • For release purposes, whereby the tested Packages file can be immutably saved and served.

In Artifactory, the Debian snapshots are saved by default under the $repoKey/snapshots/$tag subfolder within the Debian Repository and are created using a dedicated Create Debian Snapshot REST API.

In the following example, a Debian snapshot named “202203141800” is saved under the “deb-snapshot” local repository, containing “focal” distribution metadata.