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You can configure authentication for remote repositories by specifying remote credentials. You can use either one of the following methods to identify yourself:

  • Username and password

  • Personal Access Token (PAT)

The advantage of using PATs is that you can strengthen your Artifactory security practices by using them for authentication, instead of using your primary credentials. For example, you can create a PAT in GitHub and then configure your remote Docker repository to point to GitHub and authenticate it by using the PAT. You can use PATs for any package type.

To specify remote credentials:

  1. In the Administration module, go to Repositories | Repositories.

  2. Click the Remote tab and open the relevant remote repository.

  3. In the Basic tab, enter your remote credentials in the following fields:

  4. Use one of the following methods to identify yourself:

    1. User name and password:

      1. Under Remote Authentication, enter a user name in the User Name field.

      2. Enter a password in the Password/Access Token field.

    2. Personal Access Tokens (PAT) (From Artifactory 6.18 and later)

      1. Create the PAT in the service provider and copy the PAT to the clipboard.

      2. In Artifactory, paste the PAT into the Password/Access Token field.

      3. Enter a username in the Username field.

  5. Click Save.



User Name

The username that should be used for HTTP authentication when accessing this remote proxy. When a PAT is used for authentication, an arbitrary username can be entered into this field (not applicable for npmjs), but the field must not be left empty.


To access the npm registry, you must pass a valid npm registry username and generated PAT token. For more details, see this Knowledge Base article.

Password/Access Token

The password or personal access token (PAT) that should be used for HTTP authentication when accessing this remote proxy.

SSL/TLS Certificate

The SSL/TLS certificate in this repository should be used for authentication to the remote resource for which it is a proxy.


Click Test to verify the certificate.