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Some Remote Import Paths may use go-import meta tags on the remote repository response body to declare the location of a remote VCS root to follow. By default, this behavior is enabled, and Artifactory will follow these tags to download remote modules. To disable this uncheck the Follow 'go-import' Meta Tags checkbox.

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Follow 'go-import' Meta Tags

When checked (default), Artifactory will automatically follow remote VCS roots in go-import meta tags to download remote modules.

'go-import' Allow List

An Allow List of Ant-style path patterns that determine which remote VCS roots Artifactory will follow to download remote modules from when presented with go-import meta tags in the remote repository response. By default, this is set to ** which means that remote modules may be downloaded from any external VCS source.

For example, if you wish to limit remote go-import modules to only be downloaded from, you should remove the default ** pattern and replace it with **/**.