Attach a YUM Group to a Repository

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The process of attaching YUM group metadata to a local repository is simple:

  1. Create an XML file in the groups format used by YUM. You can either just type it out manually using any text editor, or run the yum-groups-manager command from yum-utils.

  2. Deploy the created group file to the repodata folder.

    Artifactory will automatically perform the following steps:

    • Create the corresponding .gz file and deploy it next to the deployed group XML file.

    • Invoke a YUM calculation on the local repository.

    • Attach the group information (both the XML and the .gz file) to the repomd.xml file.

  3. Make sure the group file names are listed in the YUM Group File Names field under the Basic tab of the repository configuration. This tells Artifactory which files should be attached as repository group information.