Main Features of OCI Registry in Artifactory

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Single Point of Truth

This integration allows users to work with OCI registry, manage and save your OCI containers in Artifactory while providing full flexibility and usability.

Use OCI Natively

Artifactory supports the relevant calls of the OCI Distribution specification API so that you can transparently use the OCI client to access images through Artifactory.

Secure Private OCI Registry with Fine-Grained Access Control

Local OCI repositories are where you store internal OCI images for distribution across your organization. With the fine-grained access control provided by built-in security features, Artifactory offers secure OCI push and pull with local OCI repositories as fully functional, secure, private OCI registries.Introduction to the General Security Settings

Consistent and Reliable Access to Remote Images

Remote OCI Repositories in Artifactory proxy external resources such as DockerHub or a remote OCI repository in another Artifactory instance, and cache downloaded images. This reduces overall networking and creates fast, consistent, and reliable access to images on these remote resources.

Supported Media Types

The OCI integration with Artifactory supports the following media types: