Configure Alpine Linux Package Manager to work with Artifactory

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In order to use Artifactory with your Alpine Linux client, first you need to set Artifactory as an Alpine Linux repository, and then add the relevant RSA public key to verify the index signature. Then you can proceed to resolve and deploy the relevant Alpine Linux package.

Step 1: Add Artifactory to your /etc/apk/repositories File

  1. Navigate to Application Module | Artifactory | Artifacts.

  2. Select the desired repository.

  3. Select Set Me Up.

  4. Copy the General's section command and run it.

image (3).png

Step 2: Verify the Index Signature

In order to verify index signature you need to add the repository RSA public key into your /etc/apk/keys folder.

Copy the Set Me Up public RSA key unique retrieval command and run it.

image (4).png

(note: the above image is an example only and you should not use it as-is. Use the Set Me Up dialog to get a unique command per your public key file name, as used to sign the index file)

If a local or virtual repository does not contain an RSA key-pair, you can either use the --allow-untrusted flag or request form your Admin to set a key-pair for the repository.

For signed indexes of remote repositories, please refer to Setting up a Remote Repository.