Authenticate npm Using Basic Authentication

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To support basic authentication, edit your .npmrc file and enter the following:

  • Your Artifactory username and password (formatted username:password) as Base64 encoded strings

  • Your email address (npm publish will not work if your email is not specified in .npmrc)

.npmrc file location

Windows: %userprofile%\.npmrc

Linux: ~/.npmrc

Getting .npmrc entries directly from Artifactory

Run the following command to retrieve these strings directly from Artifactory:

$ curl -uadmin:<CREDENTIAL> http://<ARTIFACTORY_SERVER_DOMAIN>:8081/artifactory/api/npm/auth

Where <CREDENTIAL> is your Artifactory password or APIKey.User Profile

Here is an example of the response:

_auth = YWRtaW46e0RFU2VkZX1uOFRaaXh1Y0t3bHN4c2RCTVIwNjF3PT0=
email =
always-auth = true

If, in addition, you are also working with scoped packages, you also need to run the following command:

curl -uadmin:<CREDENTIAL> http://<ARTIFACTORY_SERVER_DOMAIN>:8081/artifactory/api/npm/npm-repo/auth/<SCOPE>

Where <CREDENTIAL> is your Artifactory password or APIKey.User Profile

Paste the response to this command in the ~/.npmrc file on your machine (in Windows, %USERPROFILE%/.npmrc).