Set Up Virtual Debian Repositories

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A Virtual Repository defined in Artifactory aggregates packages from both local and remote repositories.

This allows you to access both locally hosted Debian packages and remote proxied Debian repositories from a single URL defined for the virtual repository.

To define a virtual Debian repository, create a virtual repository, set the Package Type to be Debian, and select the underlying local and remote Debian repositories to include in the Basic settingstab.

Deprecated Trivial layout not supported

Only repositories with an Automatic Layout can be included in a virtual repositories. A deprecated Trivial layout is not supported for virtual repositories.

Indexed Remote Architectures

When creating a new virtual repository, the Indexed Remote Architectures field specifies the architectures which will be indexed for the included remote repositories.

Specifying these architectures will speed up Artifactory's initial metadata indexing process. The default architecture values are amd64 and i386.

Set the Optional Index Compression Formats with the index file formats you would like to create in addition to the default Gzip (.gzip extension).

Indexed Remote Architectures.png