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Artifact Advanced Search offers a number of search parameters based on the type of artifact you're searching for. Each search type offers a set of input fields corresponding to the search type you selected to help narrow down your search.

To search for artifacts:

  1. From the left of the search field at the top of the JDP window, select Artifacts.

  2. From the right of the search field, click Advanced Search advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg. Advanced Search options are displayed.

    search_artifact_types (1).png
  3. Select a Type. Advanced search options vary depending on the type of artifact you are searching for. The following artifact types are available. Click for more information on what is offered in each, then complete the fields as needed:

  4. Take action on an artifact if required. Several actions are available based on the resource, by clicking the arrow on the far right, as follows:

    artifact search results (1).png
    • View the resource contents. For example, a JSON file.

    • View the resource in the Artifact tree

    • Delete the resource